Colibri Studios Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Colibri sounds to me, like it’s in the way I move.
I zip between mediums, whichever I might choose.
I’ll make anything and everything, from album art to shoes.
I don’t always come around, but you notice when I do.
I make music and collages, and I’m dabbling in clothes.
You’ve probably seen me skate before, but then again, who knows.
In my studio I nest, where I hover, where I fly.
If you want to get in touch, throw some nectar in the sky.

Colibri Studios is the multi-disciplinary practiceof artist and creative superhero, Chris Burnett.
Office: 323-499-1161

I’ve worked with clients big and small, corporate and boutique,
collaborating on various types of projects including branding,
art direction, editorial illustration, music packaging & cover art,
sound design, merch design, shoe design...and the list goes on.



Well, since you can’t follow me...